Sail Tahiti

  • ヨットチャーター
  • Arue

ようこそ Sail Tahiti

Sail Tahiti is the passion of sail racing and the experience of 20,000 nautical miles of long distance cruising with children, across the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian Oceans.

You dream of sailing in Polynesia, of discovering its incredible beauty, of living a true offshore sailing experience and of practicing your water sports in the most secret spots…But you don’t have the time to dedicate a sabbatical year to it!

We have created unique, tailor-made experiences, from one to three weeks to sail and explore the islands and atolls of Polynesia.

Our programs have been designed with the advice of top experts, including ocean racer Jacques Vincent, surfing competition creator Chris O’Callaghan and Wingfoil world champion Titouan Galea.