Fact Sheets

2018 “What’s New” in The Islands of Tahiti

There are a total of 118 islands and atolls that comprise The Islands of Tahiti, known officially as French Polynesia, each highlighting unique and breathtaking sceneries and experiences. Learn what’s new in 2018. Download Fact Sheet

The Islands of Tahiti Quick Facts

The Islands of Tahiti, also known as French Polynesia, consist of five island groups, or archipelagoes, which lie in the South Pacific – south of the equator, in the same time zone as Hawaii. Learn key facts about this tropical paradise.  Download Fact Sheet

Tahitian Experiences Fact Sheet

No trip to The Islands of Tahiti would be complete without these cultural experiences. Download Fact Sheet

Tahitian Guesthouse Fact Sheets

Tahitian Guesthouses, also referred to locally as pensions (pronounced pone-see-owns), are typically family-operated lodgings in The Islands of Tahiti. There are many different types of Tahitian Guesthouses, from dormitory-style lodging to those featuring individual bungalows and villas, and they are available in a wide range of prices. Download Fact Sheet

The Cuisine of The Islands of Tahiti

The cuisine of The Islands of Tahiti is internationally renowned for its fresh fish and exotic fruits and vegetables, prepared in the indigenous Polynesian way with a touch of French flair. Download Fact Sheet 

The Islands of Tahiti Airline Facts

The Islands of Tahiti is only 8 hours by direct flight from the West Coast of the United States. Learn about your flight options direct from Los Angeles, San Francisco, or Honolulu. Download Fact Sheet

Tahitian Experiences

Discover The Islands of Tahiti‘s most memorable treasures, from signature overwater bungalows, to exquisite exotic cuisine, and of course beautiful lagoons. Download Fact Sheet

Diverse and Stylish Accommodations within The Islands of Tahiti 

Whether looking for accommodations that deliver an authentic experience, budget-friendly or over the top stays, The Islands of Tahiti offer a wide variety of accommodations, that fit the needs of discerning travelers. Download Fact Sheet

Cruising in The Islands of Tahiti Expands with Debut of an International Cruise Terminal in 2020

Exploring The Islands of Tahiti by sea is not only one of the most convenient methods to island-hop but is also a breathtaking and inspiring experience to immerse oneself in the destination’s stunning 118 islands. Seafaring travelers from across the world will be able to enjoy Papeete’s new International Cruise Terminal, which is scheduled to open in 2020. Download Fact Sheet

Conservation and Ecotourism in The Islands of Tahiti 

The Islands of Tahiti are home to some of the most luxurious eco-hotels, largest natural marine sanctuaries, as well as some of the healthiest coral gardens anywhere in the world. Download Fact Sheet